Twilight Eclipse review

I saw Twilight Eclipse this week and since I have not finished reading either Eclipse or Breaking Dawn I’m not sure of a few points in the storyline or about some character’s futures. Let me be clear up front… I loved Riley. Sure it helped that Australian hottie Xavier Samuel played Riley and he was such a beautiful vampire (course he should have had fangs but that’s a whole other problem with Twilight). Actually Riley made Edward and the other Cullen’s look bad.

Spoiler alert! What I don’t know is Riley’s fate. He was dragged away by the stupid werewolf and possibly brutally murdered, but we don’t see it on screen so I’m hoping he survived. Guess I’ll have to read Breaking Dawn, unless it was much clearer in Eclipse. Anyhow, Eclipse was good. Kind of dark and yet the scenes were beautiful (probably because a lot of it was shot in Vancouver). Edward is such a gentlemen that it seems unreal. I know vampires don’t change, the younger Cullens repeat high-school and college every few years and modernisms like sexual freedom must have rubbed off on them a little. Of course Stephenie Meyer has written rather repressive teenagers, so it’s understandable that Edward behaves himself when he’s alone with Bella, but it seemed weird when he bought a bed for her overnight visit and didn’t do anything with her. Well they do sleep together every night, but they are going to be mildly annoyed when they find they are not compatible in bed once they are married (and Bella is turned).

Overall the movie was good, except all the new vampires were killed. The new Victoria wasn’t as good as Rachel Lefevre who totally created that character and brought more vengeance and energy. I find it annoying that the Cullen’s feel so self-righteous as good vampires, but they were acting to protect Bella. It’s the werewolves and the vicious murder of these beautiful new vampires that’s most appalling. Returning to Riley, one might say his life was cut short when he was turned, but he was able to become a vampire and be immortal. The worse act is slaying him and not allowing him to live at least a full life. That’s the real tragedy.

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