Twilight is breaking dawn

Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1

Well with Halloween just around the corner, all things vampire will start popping up. And hopefully this means some little treat for fangbangers (like last year’s Suck This from Nextdoor Studios). But as of this moment I haven’t heard of anything. Two years ago the release of yet another Twilight film caused one Esquire writer to pen an article about vampires being all gay and women love them because they love gay men but can’t get anywhere with them. Actually two years ago was a good time that saw the launch of a lot of great vampire stuff, including Late Night Boyfriends. We were even treated to Twinkblood. And so this November will see the premiering of another Twilight film and with it a lot of whining about too many vampires.

I remember two years ago there was so much vampire action that it was overload. I ‘famously’ said in an interview with Unzipped that we were in a gay vampire drought, and then between the interview and the magazine coming out, the drought became a flash-flood. It wasn’t just for gay vampires but vampires in general. It’s quite nice when these things are spread out. So brace yourself, as Twilight: Breaking Dawn, part 1 nears, vampires will be everywhere, and so will be two common complaints: ‘vampires are so done’ and ‘vampires are gay’. I’ve been into vampires longer than these Twilight fans and they’re still not done for me. But vampires ARE gay, that’s why I love them!

As Halloween nears, as well as the premiere of Twilight, expect more here. Plus hopefully a few surprises I have up my cape. And if you have anything to add, please let me (or all reads know)… comment or email me sebastien (at)

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