Twinklight extended scene added

A number of extras have been added to including the first extended scene, Billa and his ex-boyfriend have one hot, final fuck. This scene was not entirely well explained in the original cut, because as you know Twinklight is supposed to have a plot so as best I understand Billa is looking for a new start and so he moves and finds Edmund. Of course before he leaves his old life, he has one last night with his boyfriend, although really we don’t know he’s his ex since they basically just have sex. Really the first scene of the movie (while hot, but vampire-less) could have been any random hookup.

Another extended scene will be added Aug 30 and coming in September we should hopefully see the additional episodes, which were originally set to be released Aug 15, but the extended scenes were added instead. If you still haven’t checked out the hottest gay vampire film (in my humble opinion), check it out now… but if you’re waiting for some reason, I’ll let you know when the additional episodes are added and you’ll be getting more value for your subscription.


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