Twinklight story unfolds with another cute vampire

The latest Twinklight twink to succumb to his wounds and become a vampire is JT Wreck (playing the role of Bailey). Earlier we saw a video showing Brice Carson feed off JT and now we get a snap showing JT is a vampire. According to Afton, Bailey “hangs out with the local vamps allowing them to feed on him with hopes of one day becoming one of them”… and I’d say that has happened. Unlike a certain sex-less straight vampire series that shares a similar name, this film is going to be worth watching. The vampires are actually showing fangs, they bite and get turned. And of course there’s going to be loads of sex. It’s possible to piece all these clips and previews together to get an idea of the full story line, but I suspect there’s going to be a lot of surprises for viewers when the film is released. I do hope the earlier preview showing how vampires are killed won’t be used in the final film, it would be terrible losing any of these hot vamps. See Afton’s post.

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