Twinklight vampires are now even hotter

Well yet again every time I stop checking Afton’s site for a few days, up pops an update – or three. Any concerns I had before are gone… these vampires have fangs and look amazing. Readers were introduced to Billa earlier (played by Preston Andrews) and his love interest Edmund (Krys Perez). Afton has recast Billa because he “felt Preston would make a better vampire than mortal in this film”. And after looking at the fangtanstic (sorry) photos I have to agree. Afton added he “felt [Preston’s] skin tone, look, and personality were better suited for one of the vampires. Preston is primarily a top as well.” Personally it wouldn’t bother me if a vampire was a bottom, I mean who says a vampire can’t be the passive one?

Now there’s a new Billa and Preston has fangs. So I’m happy, and my excitement for this film is still growing (as well as something else).

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