Twinklight will be Damned any time now

I really can’t wait to sink my teeth into the latest Twinklight videos, which I have been told will be any week now. Afton Nills has been silent for a while, but we should soon see the new spin-off Twinklight Damned series hitting screens with an almost fully new cast of hot young twink vampires. And it couldn’t come at a better time, this winter has been a quiet one for gay vampires.

Other details are limited, but we do know AJ Abner, Josh Bensan, Matthew Hunter, Wily Ryden, Jayden Boyd, Mark Winters and Conner Bradley (the hottie above) will be featured in Twinklight Damned.

We do know that there is at least one scene between AJ and Conner where Conner is the vampire and during the hot and steamy scene he bites AJ. I can’t wait to see Conner the vampire, he’s quite hot and I think he will look even hotter with fangs. Conner actually says he looked kinda creepy as a vampire, and he did admit to having fangs for the scene! And Conner said he’d been a vampire in real life if he could (I wish he was too).

In the Twinklight Damned movie, Matthew Hunter plays the role of a straight guy who hooks up with Brice’s character. According to Afton, on the website, Matthew ‘will be playing the role of the vampire who discovers Brice while passing by on the street’. Notice that’s reads ‘the vampire’ instead of ‘a vampire’; we don’t know for sure who turned Brice. Afton also wrote that he filmed the scene between Brice and Matthew two ways so he will appear as a vampire in one version.

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