Vampire Diaries disappoints

I think I knew that Jeremy wasn’t going to become a vampire, but it seemed as if Vampire Diaries writers were being extra mean or playful with the plot from last night’s episode. Jeremy was given two chances to change and both times he was cheated out of immortality. But Damon has it in for Jeremy so some day maybe he’ll be turned. Unfortunately the season 2 premiere ended with a mini-cliffhanger to keep us fretting until next week; Caroline’s fate. Hopefully she’s not going to be the lucky one, however judging from the way the writers toyed with viewers making us believe twice that Jeremy would be turned, I’m not surprised it will be someone else. This leads me to complain that too many of the new vampires on this show are girls. Sure Vicky got killed off in the end, but worse was when guest star vampire Sean Faris was brutality killed. Vampires are people too!

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