Vampires coming out this fall

The nights are growing longer, Halloween is almost upon us and many vampires will be coming out over the next few months. The big event in November will be the release of the final instalment of Twilight, which has affected vampire-lovers in many ways both positive and negative. The regular television season has kicked off and Vampire Diaries have returned (more on television later). But what else can we expect in the coming months?

As you can read in the preview, Todd Gregory’s Need will be published October 30. It looks quite promising. Not much else to report in the fiction department, but you can always keep an eye out in the Kindle section of Amazon for the latest gay vampire fiction (of varying degrees of quality).

Not a fiction fan? On screen Vampires: Brighter in Darkness will be available in the US on November 13. This is the full-length film version of the original gay vampire series from England. Those in the UK will be able to pick up a copy of Brighter in Darkness October 22 from places like Personally I’m really looking forward to getting a copy. Judging from the original series, I expect this will be a movie worth recommending (though there will be a review on Gay Male Vampire before the DVD goes on sale in the US). Vamperifica has been out for a few months so hopefully you’ve seen it by now? Sadly it only seems to be available on Blu-Ray in the US from places like Amazon. (Strangely the DVD version is available in the UK from

That’s pretty much it for DVDs, at least for us gays. However if you were a fan of Clueless, Alicia Silverstone and the creators of Clueless have teamed up to create Vamps which will have had a brief showing on cinema screens before going to video on November 13. And if you haven’t seen it, My Sucky Teen Romance, the independent movie made by a group of teenagers that pokes fun at Twilight and is also a far better low-budget film than many other vampire film. Worth a watch.

Now if you prefer your vampires gay and naked, don’t hold your breath. There might be another Twinklight update soon (hopefully before Halloween, and honestly, they are getting better), but there’s been no word from BelAmi or any other studio on giving us vampires for Halloween.

Twilight may spell the end of the current surge in vampire popularity, or hopefully those that jumped on the bandwagon will go away and leave the real fans. What would be disappointing for us to see would be a drought caused by Hollywood burn out. This may seem unlikely as the big studios will milk it for all it’s worth because they don’t have or aren’t willing to try new ideas. It would be nice to see some new original productions from the studios, something like the quality and genre change we saw with the Lost Boys. For what it’s worth there might be a Dark Shadows sequel. Did anyone watch it?

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