Vote for the gay vampires at the Gaybies

TLAvideo/ is holding their annual Gaybies awards… where the public gets to vote on their favorites from the last year (hmm, that gives me an idea). There are some really good films up including Kaboom, but let’s be biased and vote for the vampires… and you can vote as many times as you want. So let’s get out there and support gay vampires. Up for nomination: Vampire Boys (for sexiest gay movie… sad, it should have been in the thriller category or horror), Bite Marks (for best gay thriller), Unnatural (for best speculative fiction/fantasy). You don’t have to vote in all categories if you haven’t seen or read something, but do vote for the hotties in best actor (Thomas Dekker in Kaboom) and best supporting actor (Sean Paul Lockhart aka Brent Corrigan)… or whatever. Go vote in the 2012 TLA Gaybies

And by the way, TLA has a page dedicated to Queer horror… and also they have a dvd’s for under $10 including Eulogy of a Vampire

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