Where are all the vampires?

There’s been little word from HereTV on the status of season 3 of the Lair since the network announced that there would be a third season. From the internet buzz, it appears filming has been completed so either it’s still being edited or sitting on a shelf at HereTV. I’m still holding out hope that the vampires will dominate the screen over the 13-episode run with less time devoted to mystic plants and werewolves. Vampires = sexy. Werewolves = not sexy!

Twinklight: Afton’s blog has been silent for almost a month, and it’s been longer since an actual Twinklight update. Here’s hoping Afton is too busying editing all the footage he shot and the DVD will be released real soon. From the quality of work I’ve seen from Afton on previous films and the cuteness of the primary actors, I have high hopes this will be one of the best gay vampire adult movies yet. This is assuming the use of fangs, plenty of biting, a few newly created vampires and few murdered vamps.

Books: the Vampire Maker by Michael Schiefelbein is expected out in January 2010. I’ve not been able to get into his first three gay vampire books due to an aversion to historical vampire stories. Rumors have been circulating that a new anthology of gay vampire stories will be published before 2010; I’m on the case to learn more.

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