Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals to have gay character

Thanks to a casting call, we now know that the upcoming The Originals series will feature a hot gay character named Josh. The spin-off show will premiere on October 15 (though I’ve heard it may start Oct 3) with Klaus and his family of original vampires plus a few werewolves.

The CW was looking for a male in his early 20s to cast in the role of Josh, who is described as a “hot and naive” but also a “curious gay tourist partying with friends in New Orleans.” (Sounds a bit like the character of Cord in the novel Need). Josh is rumored to end up on the wrong side of the French Quarter and his encounter is said to lead to dire consequences.

Filming for the first season has begun and it seems Josh has already been cast so he should be introduced early on. Steven Krueger, previously of Pretty Little Liars has been spotted around New Orleans on the set of The Originals. So that’s something to look forward to finally. Of course The Vampire Diaries was supposed to have a gay character but only Carolyn’s gay father was ever (briefly) introduced. Sad for a teen drama featuring a few hot fanged vampires.

Steven Krueger on the Originals

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