Announcing Storyteller: the short gay-vampire story starring you

Happy Halloween and here is your treat, Storyteller, the webapp that writes you into a short gay-vampire story. Choose either the role of mortal or vampire and live the fantasy. But there is also a trick! Storyteller is in beta and has only been tested with a few visitors. So please, I greatly appreciate your patience as I work out the bugs with my developer and with the crew from Late Night Boyfriends. Ethan Kilburn and many of the writers have contributed a few stories to get us started, and with any luck, fresh new stories will be on the way. Try out Storyteller now for yourself… or

To begin with we used Slave by Ryan Brixton. The story has been tailored to allow some characteristics to change, but we plan, with Ryan’s, help to improve Slave to be even more flexible. And your comments will help greatly. A few weeks ago I asked you for your thoughts on vampire stories. This helped us decide some of the initial functionality. But only one story isn’t enough, so over the next few days we should be bringing more stories online, especially the ones you voted for in our latest poll (see the poll on the right if you haven’t voted yet). We hope to change it up so that you will get a different story depending on your choices. You’ll might someday be able to save the stories you create, to share with others or revisit.

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