Twinklight cast and plot

Sometimes it’s hard to tell twinks apart 😉 I have been going over all the Twinklight photos available and watching the trailer to put a name to a face, mostly because since rotating this one photo upside down and suddenly getting a better look at one beautiful vamp in particular, I’ve been wondering who he is. Well it’s Jayden Ellis. So who are all these guys and can we get any insights into the story line with a bit of reading.

Twinklight cast

So let’s have a look at the Twilight cast. Now apart from my confusion between which twink is which (though I wouldn’t be confused if I had one of them in bed, but my boyfriend would be less than amused), is because I don’t follow “regular” adult films. But thanks to a view sites and several actors’ blogs here is a helpful guide to the cast.

Main cast

Krys Perez
Skyelr Blue
JT Wreck
Ethan Storm
Jayden Ellis
Preston Andrews
Cole/Victim 1
Aidan Chase
Vampire 2
Brice Carson
Vampire 1 (who turns Bailey)
Rad Matthews
Vampire 3
Levon Meeks
Ex-boyfriend (of Billa)
Dustin Reeves
Victim 2

Episodes cast

Kain Lanning
Victim 3/Vampire
Jonathan Cole
Vampire 4


Once I started digging I became interested in how this plot unfolds. I’m getting obsessed like all those teenage girls who follow and blog about Twilight filming or the weekly plot changes to Vampire Diaries. But it’s good fun!

I’m not going to be able to figure out the plot entirely and much of the story that weaves the sex and biting scenes are a mystery to me. I am basically playing detective here based on everything I know from Afton’s blog, but I am sure the final film will be full of surprises and connect all these characters together, so I’m probably not giving too much away here. Of course if you don’t want to play connect-the-dots, turn away now. The story is mostly around Edmund and Billa, which is where we haven’t had too many insights. We do get some back story and the vampire who starts it all is Elijah (played by Ethan Storm), who turns Edmund in a battlefield hospital.

Jayden Ellis plays the role of Egan, who turns Preston Andrews’ character Cole. Egan became a vampire by way of Edmund. In the video titled “Egan’s emotional flashback”, Egan asks Edmund to bite him but Edmund was worried he wouldn’t be able to control himself which was clearly what happened. However, Egan must be turned by this experience because not only does he have his “emotional flashback” but we later see him turn Cole.

Originally Preston was to play the role of mortal Billa, Edmund’s object of affection. But Preston was recast as a vampire (he does make a hot vampire after all). If Preston was recast because he’d make a better vampire, maybe Billa doesn’t become a vampire. One of Billa’s friends is Bailey and he likes to be fed on by vampires. One vampire, played by Brice Carson, turns him. Vampire Bailey picks up Darin (who according to Afton’s blog is Billa’s ex boyfriend) along with Elijah, which leads to a threesome and then Bailey’s fantastic feeding scene. At some point Dustin Reeves appears to be a victim. And finally Levon Meeks still managed to appear in Twinklight, but not as a vampire (as far as I know). Levon plays a straight guy dragged by friends to a gay bar and in an attempt to enter the special vip area without a flyer he comes face to face with Rad Matthew who is a vampire and has a mighty big member to introduce to Levon.

There are a few other characters who appeared very briefly during the trailer and they will certainly be a surprise when we get to view this film. Tough choice though, Twinklight comes out on June 30th… the same day that sexless vampire film by that mormon author hits screens. Which will you stay in to watch? (It’s being released a week later in the UK so I won’t see it June 30th).

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  1. This cast is bigger than I thought . . . thanks for sorting them out. In the few other gay vamp-porn movies that I’ve seen, the vampirism is treated as an after-thought . . . the characters have sex for 15 minutes or so and, after they shoot, one of them bites the other so we only see a flash of fang. I really like the fact that some of these guys sport fangs throughout the sex scenes.
    It’s been a long time since I’ve purchased an all-male DVD, but I have to see this one from beginning to end!

  2. Hey! Thanks this is Jayden ellis! I do have a facebook and a twitter u should add me 🙂

    1. Hi Jayden… for the record, you make a very hot vampire (and a hot human too).

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