First released in 2010, Twinklight is the only regular gay vampire adult film series. What began as a parody, bringing twink vampires to a Twilight world, became so much better. For one, these vampires have fangs! And amazingly there is a plot that’s woven through the movie and follow-up episodes, creating a world populated by young hot vampires who bite.

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Twinklight is the brainchild of filmmaker Afton Nills, who originally began promoting a gay vampire film under the title Twink of the Damned, but this was shelved in favor of Twinklight hot on the heals of the Twilight film series. It took over a year and a half to release the first instalment of Twinklight, the feature-length film beautifully shot and complete with a storyline.

Released as a full-feature on DVD, the scenes were also launched online with extra interviews, and a continuing series of instalments. At first subscribers were treated to a number of extended length scenes and interviews then slowly new episodes were released. For three years we were treated to additional episodes, bringing in new twinks and more steamy action to 36 episodes, until April 2013 when the series concluded.

Eventually 37 episodes or scenes were released. Episodes listed below are based on the episode numbering from the website, and this differs from the first DVD that contained longer plot filled scenes. Some episodes included vampires without fangs, and one episode doesn’t even seem part of the series.

Some of the extra episodes were also bundled into two more DVDs: Twinklight: Vampire Diary, and Twinklight Chronicles, each containing 5 scenes.

For a longer description of the Twinklight story, read Twinklight: the full story which explains the main feature and each episode. We also have a breakdown of each episode in the Twinklight series. Or you can read our original Twinklight review.

It may be a decade old, but Twinklight is still one of the best gay vampire porn films (and only regular series). Watch Twinklight online

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