Conner Bradley & Johnny Skyy

A New Vampire on the Prowl
Conner Bradley is enjoying his newfound fangdom, and what better way to do it, than by having some hot, intense sex with a fellow vampire like Johnny Skyy? They mind their fangs while swallowing each other’s hard cocks before making things simple in a sixty-nine. Johnny soon has his face buried in Conner’s ass before replacing it with his dick, fucking the new vampire hard enough to make him cum–twice!

The description for Episode 23 is bit off. We never see Conner with fangs in this scene, only Johnny has fangs. And at the end, Johnny feeds from Conner. In the next episode, Conner appears as a newly turned vampire, so it’s likely Johnny turned Conner.


Conner Bradley: Vampire 9
Johnny Skyy: Vampire 10