Conner Bradley & Josh Bensan

Would You Miss Me?
New born vampire Conner Bradley is cuddling with his best friend, Josh Bensan, when things take a sexual turn. The two kiss before Conner slips down to suck Josh’s cock. He straddles his mortal friend, thrusting his cock between his lips before the vampire gets his ass eaten. Josh straddles Conner to take his big cock up his ass. The two switch positions so Josh can take Conner’s load in his mouth before jacking off and cumming himself. Once the boys have gotten off, Conner succumbs to his thirst, sinking his fangs into Josh’s soft throat.

In one photo you can see the fresh bite marks on Josh’s neck, although it seems to fade after he’d fed.


Conner Bradley: Vampire 9
Josh Bensan: Victim 6