Darin, Ethan Storm & JT Wreck

Threesome Between Ethan, the Ex-Boyfriend and Bailey Becomes Vampire Feast

Billa’s ex-boyfriend may have gotten the first laugh when he left Billa feeling alone and unloved, but he certainly doesn’t get the last laugh. This hardcore, animalistic threesome involves Ethan, Bailey and Billa’s ex-boyfriend in rough, greedy sex. There’s endless pleasure seeking and self gratification as they focus on licking each other’s assholes and nailing each other hard and fast. But things don’t end well for the ex who gets his cold, empty heart feasted upon by Bailey in a final, gory scene.

After being bitten by Brice, Bailey is now a vampire in need of his first feeding. But instead of his sire guiding him the first time, Ethan Storm has appeared. While the threesome is steamy all the way through, it’s in the final climax where we watch Bailey unleash and feed fully.


Ethan Storm
JT Wreck

Episode 06 was part of the original Twinklight feature.