Jason Alcok & Jae Landen

Confused Boy Under Vampire Power

There’s no shortage of thin, trim, and pale little boys to be seduced by vampires around these parts. A young man finds himself in a dark and scary place and is entirely unsure about his whereabouts. A domineering and creepy man, a vampire, guides him in this dark sexual rendezvous.

Vulnerable Jason Alcok is crying at the bus stop after being stranded by his friend when vampire Jae Landen slinks into the scene to comfort him. Under Jae’s mind-breaking gaze, Jason is soon naked for the taking. The two suck and fuck on the bench before the bloodsucker coats the mortal’s chest with his seed.

Episode 14 is another featuring a fangless vampire, and not one of the best scenes in the series.


Jason Alcok: Victim 5
Jae Landen: Vampire 6