Jayden Boyd & Brice Carson

Horny Vamp Brice Carson is out hunting in the park for a new delicious victim, and he certainly finds a tasty treat when he stumbles across newcummer Jayden Boyd. Jayden is no stranger to vampire ways, but perhaps his guard is down being in a new city. He’s soon feeding the vamp his hung cut cock and then tasting dick too before sliding his meaty tool into his new friends hole, fucking the cum out of him before laying back to jerk out his own. Only then does he discover that a hard fuck is not all Brice wants from him!

Episode 21 returns to form with a good bloody bite scene. Brice has his fangs visible during sex in the bedroom, but the bite happens after on the couch. The scene could easily not have included the addition of the bite, as had been the trend in a few previous videos.

Curiously the photos from the scene include another boy, or vampire, who shared a bloody kiss with Brice, but who doesn’t appear in the video.


Jayden Boyd: Victim
Brice Carson: Vampire 1