Kain Lanning & Ryan Sharp

Kain & Ryan Fuck in the Kitchen
Kain Lanning and Ryan Sharp kiss in the kitchen before Kain sits down to let Ryan suck his dick. The lip-pierced stunner works over the vampire’s dick before getting his own cock wet. These two make use of the island in the kitchen by fucking all over it. First Kain takes Ryan like a dog before getting him flat on his back. Ryan cums while he’s being fucked just before Kain squirts all over his chest.

There are no fangs or biting in Episode 20. This is also Kain’s last appearance, and Ryan’s only. And while Ryan is credited as Victim 8, he’s never a victim on camera. The vampire-less scene could have been made for a different website. It’s a shame, Ryan is very cute and would have made a good vampire in a future episode.


Kain Lanning: Victim 3 (turned)
Ryan Sharp: Victim 8