Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood

1h15m (75 mins) Horror 2013 Rating:

The vampires are back in town but this time there’s a new brood. Chisel-jawed Jon Euler steams up the screen as brood leader Jasin in this hot sequel to the wildly popular original. This time his vengeful ex-lover Demetrius (ripped dreamboat Rob Hoflund) is out to get Jasin and brings along his coven to boot. Jasin and Caleb’s eternal love is put to the test when Jasin’s jilted lover Demetrius returns to get this revenge. Demetrius plots to destroy Jasin by creating an army of vampires — unwilling victims recruited from the local boxing gym. Tara, reeling from her own rejection by Jasin, is eventually compelled by Demetrius to join him in his quest.


David Alanson Bradberry, Addison Graham, Rob Hoflund, Ronnie Kerr, Will Branske, Quinn Jaxon, Zasu, Gerard Majella Lawrence, Emily Lawrence, Cortland Cline, Sebastian Liczner, Kenneth Favell, Bacchus Stuart, Jay Triggs, Brett R. Miller, Chase Klein, Shawn C. Phillips, Marlene Mc'Cohen, Greg McKeon, Walter Delmar


Steven Vasquez


Steven Vasquez, Jeremiah Campbell, Chauncy Dennis