Vampires: Brighter in Darkness

2h2m (122 mins) Horror, Romance 2011 Rating:

After a disastrous relationship, Toby Brighter is set up on a blind date by his sister, Charlotte. Toby’s date, Lucas Delmore, is charming, charismatic, and physically flawless. He is everything Toby could have wished for–except that Lucas is a 1500 year old vampire. Before long, Toby is plunged into the dark world of demons, black magic, and the supernatural, where nobody is safe and nothing is what it seems…


Dan Briggs, Rhys Howells, Rebecca Eastwood, Tim Benge, Abigail Law-Briggs, Kyle Chester, James MacCorkindale, Dorival Mota, Ant Canavan, Richard Marshall, Richard Sherwood, Sebastien Sprysak


Jason Davitt


Jason Davitt