I love Bailey from Twinklight

Bailey from Twinklight
Seriously guys, I know the poll just started but is no one going to vote for Bailey. My favorite vamps are Bailey and Egan. Sweet sexy Egan is doing alright, but not a single vote for adorable Bailey. Either you haven’t watched his scenes (and you’re missing some great vampire action) or you have… and I’m not going to finish that sentence. I am guessing it’s my fault for not allowing multiple votes so you could *also* vote for Bailey. Post a comment if you dare… And if you haven’t watched or purchased Twinklight, why not! Don’t wait for my full review… I’m already giving it 4.5 out 5, and it’s now official the best gay vampire adult film (according to me, but seriously I’ve seen all but one gay vampire films and I honestly believe Twinklight is the best). Watch it online.

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