Vampire mania is Transylmania

Picking on a comment in that Forbes article on vampire mania (okay, I’m obsessed with that article), suggesting that once the genre is parodied the popularity will be waning. Of course the article goes on to point out that the Twilight saga will need to conclude first, after all that audience is devoted. That gives the current popularity a few more years, by this theory.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant was just released, New Moon is set for a November release and Daybreakers will be hitting screenings in January. That leaves December ripe for a vampire film premiere, say a parody. Yes, Transylmania is a spoof horror featuring a group of American study-abroad students at Razvan U, a Romanian university, and of course there are a few vampires, including one who looks exactly like one of the students. The movie posters are even, well I can’t quite put my hand on it, but there’s something erotic.

The Forbes article had pointed to Cirque du Freak as the nail in the coffin, but clearly the writer had misunderstood what the Cirque du Freak series is about and dismissed it as campy when it would be better to define it as comic book inspired or magical. On the other hand, Transylmania is making fun of vampires and the film is being released within weeks of New Moon (probably intentionally). It’s too early for a parody to start a decline to the current popular of vampires. Look at the Lair series, some of the plot lines are pretty laughable and the whole program is ripe for jokes, but it still retains some edginess and sexuality (though still not enough to overcome the bad writing). There will obviously be a few bad apples to disrupt the party, but we can still enjoy the jems, such as Twinkblood

So is the film a parody? Well yes. Is it a sign that the current era of vampire popularity is fading? No. Will it be worth seeing? Er, yeah in a cheap cinema or as a rental.

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