Vampire Boys on iTunes

Vampire Boys has popped up on iTunes, though sadly it only seems to be available in the UK store at the moment. Many of the reviews really put the movie down. This was an independent film, one of the few centered around gay vampires, and while not a big Hollywood production, it was a great film not deserving on the 1-star reviews.

Starring Christian Ferrer and Jason Lockhart, the Vampire Boys is about a new boy in town who has caught the eye of vampire Jasin, one who needs to turns a mortal in order to say immortal. Set at a college, there’s a similarity with The Brotherhood, however the Vampire Boys ends properly and doesn’t suffer from a lack of fangs. Jasin falls in love with Caleb, to the annoyance of Caleb’s roommate who has feelings for Caleb. While Jasin wants to offer Caleb the immortal gift, another vampire in the gang thinks Jasin is making a the wrong choice, given another has already agreed to be turned.Check it out on iTunes.

A brood of hot and hungry vampires are in desperate need of “The One” a young, fresh blooded victim that can be turned into an eternal mate that allows them to live forever. Tara, a sexy and seductive college student who is open to suggestion, offers herself up to the gang of vampires but Jasin, the dominant leader, has other ideas as Caleb, a fresh-faced and innocent stranger, enters the scene. Jasin is everything Caleb has dreamt of and both males feel an instant and uncontrollable connection, a connection that threatens to tear the vampire brood apart. Jasin has to decide which is “The One” is, as he asks Who would you die for to live forever?

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