Why can’t the Vampire Diaries be more like Teen Wolf?

Hot shirtless guys. Gay characters. A quick moving plot with less teen angst. And plenty of fangs, though werewolf fangs. Teen Wolf has it all, and better than Vampire Diaries (yet it’s also missing that key ingredient, vampires). But why is this, how can MTV’s furry drama be better when the CW has the vampires.

Maybe it’s all those things. Or possibly true to their stereotypes, the vampire drama must be filled with brooding immortals, some trapped in the night, most needing to feed, and all bored with their extremely long lives. The werewolves on the other hand are energetic, strong and only bound by their tempers, bit like dogs.

The teens on Teen Wolf act not surprisingly like teens, but over on the Vampire Diaries the vampires, even those teen vamps just turned, behave like they are middle-aged or older. And there’s few shirtless vampires hanging around Mystic Falls unlike their Beacon Hills werewolf neighbors.

Those hot wolves are only halfway through this season and will soon overlap the return of Vampire Diaries plus the spin-off The Originals. It’s the latter that may finally bring us gay vampires, but Teen Wolf has had a gay character since day one, even adding a gay werewolf this season. Teen Wolf is not held back by a series of books and barely references the 80s movie of the same name, so it’s been free to create its’ own universe, which so far lacks vampires. The Vampire Diaries was in some ways held back from plotting its’ own course except the storyline has diverged from the books begging the question what’s holding it back.

I know what I want to see in the Vampire Diaries: more fangs and vampire action, and less brooding. They need to live, partly in the go enjoy life and party hard sense, but also get on with struggling with being both teenagers and vampires, with the drawbacks and advantages. And more shirtless gay vampires. And they should show their fangs more often.

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