12 male on male vampire bite animated gifs

After a little searching around the internet, I’ve compiled a list of 12 gay vampire bites captured as animated gifs for your personal enjoyment. Several are classics from the Twinklight series, featuring an assortment of cute twink vampires all with their fangs out. To be fair, number 3 doesn’t show the bite on screen, but it’s still hot.

1. Jonathan from The Lair

At the end of the first season in the showdown at The Lair club, we learn that Jonathan has become a vampire when he bites his boyfriend.

Jonathan bites Thom in The Lair

2. New Jonathan from The Lair

When The Lair returned Jonathan was still a vampire but a completely different person (a much sexier vampire). Tom might be wearing the same plaid button up shirt, but the t-shirt underneath is gone; maybe new Jonathan is wearing it?


3. Dennis returns home to Sheriff Trout

In the final episode of The Lair, one storyline reaches a cliffhanger when Dennis returns to the Sheriff after going missing for several years.

4. Jasin bites boyfriend in Vampire Boys

Here Jasin bites his boyfriend Caleb making him a vampire.

Vampire Boys Jasin bites Caleb

5. Vampire bites his friend in Suck This

In this safe for work clip we see a vampire bite his friend who instantly becomes a vampire before they get back to the hot action.

Vampire bite turns hottie in Suck This

6. Twink vampire bites twink he’s just seduced

Wearing the oddest faux fur coat, this young vampire finally bites his prey after seducing him in the adult film vampire series Twinklight.

Twink vampire bites twink in Twinklight

7. Twink vampire bites and turns blond twink

In this second Twinklight clip, a twink vampire bites and turns his boyfriend.

Twink vampire turns twink in Twinklight

8. Giovanni Lovell bites Shawn Fox

Vampire Gionvanni Lovell finds his partner washing up post-coitus and whispers in his ear, ‘baby your so hot’ before biting the twink.

9. Conner bites Josh in Twinklight

After some ‘strange, but amazing’ sex, Conner has a surprise for his partner.
Conner: Promise you’ll forgive me?
Josh: For what?
Conner: For this (bites Josh).

10. Tanner Shane bites victim Dylan Chambers

Twinklight vampire assures his prey the bite won’t hurt.
Dylan: Is it going to hurt?
Tanner: No, I’ve done it before. It happened to me… everything will be fine.

11. Twinklight vampire’s fangs grow

Kain Laining’s fangs extend just before he bites Adrian Layton in this Twinklight scene

12. Breeding Spooks vampire

In Breeding Spooks 3, a young man awakes from a dream where he encountered a vampire turned. Hungry he feeds on his boyfriend.

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