A last minute Twinklight update for April

I noticed the calendar today and realized that April is almost over. And I haven’t posted an update here in over a month. I’ve been searching the internet looking for some gay vampire news and there has been so little to report. Until today.

Twinklight has been updated after over a month. Titled, “Adrian and Kain – Won’t You Come In?” the story involves Adrian Layton and Kain Lanning. After some kissing they strip each other down to pale skin, tongues locked in a passionate kiss, before mouths cover cocks. Kain throws Adrian’s legs over his shoulders to penetrate his breathless victim. It’s when Adrian straddles Kain and fucks himself that he cums. Kain cums but only when he tastes Adrian’s blood does he find release. Looks pretty hot to me, and the trailer definitely makes it worth checking out. There’s biting, but it looks like the fangs are done with special effects and Kain wasn’t wearing any. The biting came at the very end, after both boys find release. I’m glad to see Kain has returned as a vampire after Egan brought him into his army. I hope to see him again, but with proper fangs. Hopefully the story will continue more frequently soon.

Check out the latest video at Twinklight.tv yourself

5 thoughts on “A last minute Twinklight update for April

  1. It is just sad that such a cute vamp has no teeth. I believe the video would have been better with tangeable teeth. But Kain would be kissable either way, it just makes a bj a bit more fun.

  2. LAME – that’s the only word for this episode. Yes the boys are cute twinks, yes they have sex (ish)… yes it is porn (ish) … but hot is it not. The sex is fairly mundane. One set up basically one or two positions then after the sex the vamp feeds. The creators of TL don’t seem to get it really. They have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the fang banger craze but the sex and then 1 minute of feed when it is over (or none at all in the case of one of these eps) is lame lame lame. They got close with the two segments with Kris Perez where the feed came in before and especially DURING the fucking, but close is no cigar to fang fans.

    Also if this is leading to another TL feature, it would be cooler if these side stories “Fed” into TL more, if they do it is really hidden plot points so far.

    I wil give them 1 more ep to turn up the vamp sex, but if they remain lame – I intend to cancel.

  3. There will be new scenes being released over the next few months that will help explain some of the scenes that have been updated at the website. Some, or most of the recent scenes have been scenes taken place in the past, not the present. I introduce characters to the story, but never know how many of the actors I work with will return for work or not. So all of that is put into account during the filming of these scenes.

    Revised descriptions will be up on the website shortly helping give a better explanation of the scenes being uploaded.

    Krys Perez (Edmund) and Brice Carson (Damien) will have a new scene updated at the website soon, I believe should be the next scene going up. It’s a hot passionate scene between the two, Edmund’s fangs in throughout the scene.

    I’m currently finishing up another scene with Kain Lanning and Jonathan Cole. A great follow up to the hot threesome between Jonathan Cole, Alex Todd and Tyler Bolt previously updated on the website.

    I will be starting a new series very soon, which you guys will enjoy as well. Will keep you updated as things move forward.


    Afton Nills

  4. Unf can’t wait for more Edmund 🙂 Even though some scenes have been hit or miss, I’m glad we’re actually getting gay vampire porn on a monthly basis

  5. Afton,

    Thanks for the comment and the peek inside the TL upcoming scenes. I will stay in there a bit and see what’s being offered. As a fang fan I ahve some particular “nice to haves” I want to see, but recognize that my vision is not someone elses.

    Keep growing the fang craze!


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