A Taste of Blue

A Taste of Blue from Randy Blue
Randy Blue made a special vampire themed adult video starting Cody Fallon and Blake Riley with Chris Rockway as the vampire. There is some post-coital fang action at the end and the potential for a second video. The fangs are good, but the red eyes could have been done better. Cody and Blake are a couple, who after a little silly dressing up, head off to a Halloween party where they are the only guests. Chris bangs them then fangs them before the next guests arrive. One can only fantasize that Cody and Blake, now vampires, each take of the two new boys for their first meal. Only Chris appears with fangs and overall the film was far too short.

Quick facts:
Running time: 22 mins
Overall rating: 3/5
Guys: 4/5
Vampire quality: 4/5
Amount of vampire action: 2/5
Vampire action: bared fangs, biting, hot guys, two new vampires
Worth the money: only available online with Randy Blue membership, just get the shortest membership

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