A vampire Fleshjack that doesn’t bite or suck

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I can only assume that Halloween is around the corner and as they did two years ago, Fleshjack has some new products in advance. This time it’s a series of monster inspired dildos, including the Drac which is clearly meant to be a vampire dick. The marketing copy obviously backs this up… “it’s your turn to get staked by the blood sucking nightwalker. Made with healthcare-grade, platinum cured silicone in extreme detail by Fleshlight. You can now have what the realm of the living has been missing for centuries.”

I have to admit, aside from my vampire fetish, the Drac is the least offensive of the collection. The Frankenstein and Zombie just seem creepy and the Alien looks more like a Fleshjack case. But is this really what a vampire cock would look like? (Vampires, please let me know). What I also find odd is the warning message on the Fleshjack site (at least the European site), ‘Dildo is intended for external use only.’ Compare that to the specs:

Length from base to tip: 6.75″ including balls, Insertable length: 5.75″ excluding balls, Circumference of shaft: 5.5″

If the Drac is for external use only, what does it matter what the ‘insertable’ length would be? My imagination might be overactive, but I can think of a use for Drac that doesn’t involve inserting it in at least two places. Maybe it can be covered in chocolate or a blood-substitute (raspberry sauce) and licked clean? Another thing that bothers me; Drac is being promoted as a Fleshlight product… the straight range. How many straight men buy dildos? Maybe there’s a confused geek market out there.

So if you’re feeling adventurous, go grab your own Drac at Fleshjack… or better yet, for a limited-time (eg, one with no deadline so far, which could mean soon), Fleshjack is offering 15% off everything site-wide. Go grab a plain ol’ Fleshjack or the Count Cockula I reviewed before and enjoyed.

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4 thoughts on “A vampire Fleshjack that doesn’t bite or suck

  1. Confused geek market? Plenty straight males buy dildos. It’s just not that common for them to discuss it (I wonder why!)

    As for ‘external use only’ this part really pisses me off. They don’t even give much info on their European site about the product and when emailing their help centre, all they do is say it’s something to do with the size/shape of the product and tell me that it says on the website the material it’s made from (if it does, on the European site I’m directed to, I can’t find it).

    They really need to give us more confidence that this product is not just an expensive body ornament.

  2. I think it’s them more being better safe than sorry? Although maybe the Frankenstein bolts doing some form of damage, I doubt they’re harmful in anyway, they’re just making sure they have the fine print incase someone starts screaming about Frankenstein making them bleed.

  3. LOL Kyle! Yeah people fucking sueing left right and center. Though I guess it’s more riskj for an arse than a vag. I never thought about that. I just wanted to see how the drac feels in my fangina. Bit afraid to put any of them in my arse!

    I hope they have a discount again soon. Sooo expensive.

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