An apology

I would like to apologize for getting everyone’s hopes up with the Twinklight update AND for being so focused on Twinklight. I would love to cover other gay vampire films but there are so few coming out that it’s impossible to cover what doesn’t exist. I do take responsibility for not focusing on other mediums, such as books.

Faithful reader ‘UGH’ pointed on in the comments that I am writing articles to share ‘nothing new is going on’ with Twinklight. I wish this was entirely true, but as way of an excuse, the latest Twinklight article reported that a trailer was available and a new episode was expected Thursday. I was told by GayLife Network that this would be the case, so when I saw the trailer, I was very excited, but also I’d just woken up so I a bit blurry… but honest, the trailer was there. Sadly I did not take a screen shot, however the write-up about the video was included in the article. Please do not feel that I am posting useless articles just to get traffic or trick people into joining Twinklight… and I recommend you don’t sign up until they sort themselves out. I feel both embarrassed and angry (at GayLife, not the commenter), but of course I’m saying all this because I don’t like being blamed for something out of my control.

I am however obsessed with Twinklight. I get off on gay vampires so it’s nice to have an outlet. Twinklight is also the only ongoing gay vampire porn being made. I don’t have filmmakers emailing me everyday with their latest productions. Normally I have to find these films and let you know. If I have not covered a gay vampire film you know of, please let me know… and if you have made one, PLEASE let me know. Unfortunately I have not been able to review the original Vampire Boys or the new HIS Dracula 3D… I can’t get them to review them.

In my reply to UGH, I also explained that when the Twinklight trailer went live, I immediately re-subscribed to watch the video, but didn’t find the episode. I’ll be raising a complaint with GayLife, although due to the long weekend I don’t expect a reply. I would say wait until I get word back, but if you’re Twinklight membership is up for renewal, I will no longer ask that you keep paying to support Afton’s hard work, so let your subscription lapse. Maybe Afton can get the episodes out another way.

I have also written this before, why aren’t other studios making gay vampire porn? Belami, Falcon, Titan? If we want more gay vampire porn, we need to get the studios to make the films AND then we need to be willing to support those studios by paying for the content. Of course I’m a complete bitch and will complain when studios do make shit gay vampire films.

I am including two polls below, please take a sec to fill them in. I am focused on Twinklight, but what do YOU think was the best gay vampire porn so far? And what else should I write about / devote my time to, aside from gay vampire porn news and reviews.

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One thought on “An apology

  1. Hey there..

    You shouldn’t apologize. Your only able to report on such limited media!! There are lots of guys out there who share the same interest as we do – there definelty should be more vamp material. However, the industry will only make what it can sell!! I have found more vamp fan created erotica than anything published.

    Thanks for the great job you are doing!!!! Still waiting to see your fangs…

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