And now a word from Twinklight director…

Earlier today I had on of my usual rants, this time about Twinklight. I mean what I said, but I also I’m glad Afton has responded. To be fair, I’m not a journalist and I *could* use that as an excuse for publishing an article without getting a balance of views. There are simple reasons why this episode did not deliver, and there are more great updates coming. Read on for further venting and most importantly, the reply from Afton.

I am still disappointed but I now better understand that porn stars do not necessarily make good actors, and that today’s scene is a flashback from a time before Kain became a vampire. I will agree with the comment from Toby, Ryan would make a wonderful vampire; maybe someday. I still stand by my opinion that the website (part of the Gay Life Network) should be more engaging and communicate with members more often (and clearly). The write up for today’s episode stated “Kain Lanning and Ryan Sharp kiss in the kitchen before Kain sits down to let Ryan suck his dick. The lip-pierced stunner works over the vampire’s dick…”, but since this is a flashback, Kain was not a vampire at the time and should not have been advertised as such.

If I haven’t totally turned you off, I will point out that Twinklight is having a Halloween promotion that I’d completely missed! Get 3 days of access for only $1.95, this is a great chance to get completely caught up on the entire Twinklight series. (then cancel if you don’t like it). Check out this deal at (I will be promoting this for the next few hours, I’m just horrified I didn’t know sooner).

From Afton Nills, Twinklight director:

In the latest scene wih Kain and Ryan, it was decided to make the scene a flashback scene of Kain before he was a vampire. Not every single scene at the website will always be about a vampire, him biting his victim, etc. I want to include some variety at the website. There isn’t always going to be a bloody gory scene following, or maybe the vampire won’t expose himself in the scene, but may in a later scene. Some elements, will be introduced later down the line in other segments. While this is vampire themed, it’s still a porn website, and there will be some elements to try to satisfy all the members. Not just the vampire enthusiasts.

Currently I’m filming six scenes for the website, finishing filming around November 6. One scene will star my first black actor, Wily Ryden and I’ll be using an older guy in one of the scenes as well. There will be some vampire/vampire action, as well as some vampire/mortal action. These new scenes will be starting a new storyline, and actors. The idea behind the website was to carry on an ongoing storyline based on the movie, Twinklight. Unfortunately, it was not possible to work with the same actors, and I didn’t want to keep recasting main characters. So I began filming scenes to try and make it work. Not everything goes to plan in the porn world for many reasons. You try to put together the best scene with what you have to work with. Some actors perform great as vampires, others not so well. Some perform great sexually on camera, others not so well. You do the best you can with the edit.

With the new scenes, I am taking on more of a true blood theme. There are two groups of vampires. One group that wants to co-exist with mortals, another that does not. Same for mortals, one group that welcomes them, another that oposses them. Keeping in mind that actors will come and go, each scene will close it’s scene in the event those actors don’t come back for future work for whatever reason. But the theme, storyline will continue regardless.

I do expect to deliver for the industry, because currently this is truly the only website delivering this type of content. I welcome all comments, good bad or otherwise, and hope that more take the time to write in their requests, etc. so that I may impliment them into the work.

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  1. I’m excited for Twinklight to continue with new vampires (hopefully some as hot as Edmund) and new scenes, but yeah, today was the wrong day for a non vampire update. 🙁

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