Are you watching this season of the Vampire Diaries or the Originals?

While both shows premiered last week I’ve been in no rush to watch either show. In fact I’m still behind from last season. I’ve lost interest as the vampire action has been less than optimal.

And it’s not just there are too many werewolves and witches. I actually devour every episode of Teen Wolf and I think really it comes down to a better show with more inclusive gay characters.

Yes the Originals has gay vampire Josh (who started seeing a werewolf last season), but the Vampire Diaries has strung us along far too long. Rumors of a new gay character this season may again not pan out and there’s no promise it’ll be both a he and a vampire.

Teen Wolf on the other hand, which has done it’s best to avoid adding vampires to its universe, has an excellent show runner in Jeff Davis. Of course the guys on Teen Wolf are a whole lot hotter.

Sadly given the lack of other vampire shows on tv now, it’s a shame the Vampire Diaries isn’t better.

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