Blood Sacraments

I finally received my copy of Blood Sacraments after having it rush delivered, and I’m glad I did. In one evening I sucked down half the stories. Blood Sacraments compiles 20 gay vampire short stories into one 264 page volume (and the text is bit small, so each page is dense with words). One story, Willing by Xan West appears in Men at Noon, Monsters at Midnight, and initially I was worried another two were repeats from the same authors. In fact, one story that appears in Men at Noon is continued in a way; Black Sambuca by Jeff Mann is a further adventure of Derek Maclaine who we first met in Masters of Midnight. Bloodletting by the book’s editor Todd Gregory, is a continuation of my favorite story from Midnight Hunger; our hero Cord returns to New Orleans against better advice and is found by his ex-fraternity roommate.

Overall the tales are well written, fang-filled and vampire positive. My favorites at this point were Kells by Jay Lygon and Bloodletting. I highly recommend Blood Sacraments to any follower of gay vampires.

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