Bloodline short film from Crush

No sooner than I moan about there not being much gay vampire content in the world then I find another short film featuring a gay vampire and his very cute emo boyfriend. Here’s an interview with the two actors from Bloodline.

“Crush” “Bloodline” Interview from michael saul on Vimeo.

Bloodline follows the emerging relationship between Christian and Gerald. From the opening scene we know Christian is a vampire, and once Gerald begins to spend time with him, it soon becomes apparent to him and he’s asking to be turned. It is a short and deserved at least another minute to resolve the story though, but the two beautiful actors delivered an amazing performance. Though it ended short, I was satisfied with the outcome. And of course the complete Crush DVD is available from and TLA.

One thought on “Bloodline short film from Crush

  1. This looks wicked!
    Not only is it a vampire and a gay relationship, but also the vampire is asian!
    I really dig asians, in fact my boyfriend’s Japanese.

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