Bound in Flesh

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Art critic Jean-Luc “Jack” Courbet and aspiring actor and model Claude Halloran have a wicked secret, one that has cost many their lives: they are vampires. Jack was transformed a century ago by his stepfather and he himself turned his lover Claude into a creature of the night. From New York to Paris to Las Vegas they roam the nightclubs and streets, prowling for the men who will satisfy their desires and their hunger, and creating legions of followers who worship them–even beyond the grave.

But one of their creations is not so helpless. In ex-cop Mike O’Donald, Jack has mistakenly created a new type of vampire, one with a thirst for revenge-and a powerful ally who can teach him the secrets of Tantric sex magic. As flesh and fantasy become inseparable, Jack and Claude’s fiendishly depraved empire terrorizes Sin City, and only Mike, with his new powers, stands a chance of saving the helpless from a fate far worse than death…

Published many years after the first book Bound in Blood, Bound in Flesh seems like a very different story. Though this story’s time line follows immediately after the previous, the characters seem to have changed, and their presence in the world is grander. Whereas Jean-Luc took great strides to hide his identity in the first novel, now he flaunts his nature and beauty, along with Claude’s. Former Bound in Blood character Mike returns to join forces with a witch to take the two beautiful vampires down, but it’s possible Jean-Luc and Claude are guilty of pride not gluttony.

While striking a different tone for the first book, Bound in Flesh is highly enjoyable with enough gore and sex.

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