Breeding Spooks

Breeding Spooks 3

Jasper Emerald has released a new adult film featuring gay vampires. Breeding Spooks 3 is now available from Directed by Jasper Emerald, the one hour film stars Marco Strutt, Ed Gunn, Titch Jones, Jack Dash and Jake Smith. Breeding Spooks 3 contains three main scenes and a prologue, where we meet the vampire Marco. A pair of boyfriends have separate sex dreams with vampires thanks to the opening of a strange wooden box one of them finds. At first glance I will say the fangs look terrible, however the filmmaker made the effort to give the vampires realistic eyes. I have only looking quickly through the film, and I was delighted by a great surprise at the end.

Breeding Spooks 3 is available now through and I hope to have it available through soon.

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