Brent Corrigan vamped out

When I heard Brent Corrigan was hosting a vampire themed Halloween and birthday party I was excited, especially because it might yield some great photos. Here’s the one Brent twittered (sadly he hasn’t twittered the ones where he’s showing more fang). I will continue to investigate this story fully.

Now Chase Harding has expressed a wish to work with Brent Corrigan (or even Brent Everett) and all have appeared at least once as a vampire. Someone needs to get these cuties together for another vampire adult film, maybe less twink and more, well whatever category Brent and Brent fit in.

One thought on “Brent Corrigan vamped out

  1. Def agree that the site needs to get less twink for me to enjoy it. Hopefully it changes it’s direction. 🙂

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