Carson Evans is now a vampire on Twinklight

The latest Twinklight episode has appeared overnight just after I wrote that one was on the way before Halloween. Following up on the previous video that starred the delicious Giovanni Lovell as the vampire and Carson Evans as his victim (see the Twinklight episode guide), Carson has become a vampire. He’s with his friend Max Ryder and they’re talking about how Max’s boyfriend is cheating on him. So Carson suggests Max equalize the cheating and surprise surprise Max has a thing for Carson.

From this point on there’s not much plot until the end, after all that sucking and playing around, when we finally discover that Carson has changed. apparently wanted you to know that Carson was a gay vampire as the video promo teases that “Carson Evans was recently turned to the dark side, but young Max Ryder has no idea.” Not only is the vampire revealed before we watch the episode but also there’s a bit of a spoiler as to the ending when we’re told “..poor Max Ryder is about to get a climax he never expected!”

We witnessed Giovanni feed Carson his blood before they have sex, then feed off Carson after, but we don’t see Carson turn. He could easily have become hooked on sex with a vampire and had sought out a vampire Max in this video. I guess it’s hard to write the promos without giving too much away but it would be nice to get a little suspense.

There’s also been a shift recently as the episode titles have disappeared. It’s been even longer since the videos felt as if they fit in with the original movie, however in the last few the quality of vampires has improved and we see fangs at times throughout the sex and get to witness a feeding. I know I watch the Twinklight series for the vampires so it’s nice to have some vague plot and plenty of fangs, even if only toward the end of the video. If I didn’t want the vampires I’d obviously get my porn fix somewhere else (if that). The whole advantage adult films have is the element of fantasy; it’s quite difficult to get a real vampire to sleep with me and only so many guys are willing to bare fangs in bed, so this little escape allows for a much needed release. We’re still not at the update ever 2-weeks promised on the site, but at least the updates are coming.

Finally, I will point out that the photos from this episode and even the still used on the video preview show Carson with his fangs, however we don’t see his fangs in the film until the very end. We’ve had this before too, especially with the episodes featuring the cute vampire Conner Bradley. It’s a bit disappointing for the fangs to be missing for so much of the video when we see them in the photos, but I’m not suggesting the photos be taken in future to reflect what’s in the video… more that if the photos show fangs during the scene then let’s have fangs in the video! (I knew, I’m never satisfied!)

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