Interview with a hot twink vampire: Chase Harding

I threw Chase Harding, star of the upcoming Twinkblood vampire adult film, a few questions about his role and on being a vampire.

Q: What was the best and/or hottest thing about playing a vampire?
I’ve always loved vampire movies and I think that playing a Vampire is very sexual even the biting because its not suppose to be a violent thing more of a passionate turning of a vampire’s lover.

Q: What inspiration (if any) did you use for your role as the vampire king?
A: I tried to bring forth the older side of me, more reserved but still young at heart. I pulled from different characters in Twilight and True Blood.

Q: You said on your blog that the theme of Twinkblood was something you always wanted to be apart of, what exactly drew you to it?
A: I think that goes back to the sexual side of things and playing a character that has unique abilities and everlasting life.

Q: Who of the boys you turned into a vampire was your favorite vamp?
A: Felix Russo was my favorite boi to turn vamp! The scene was so hott and rough but still passionate, I believe it will be one of the hottest scenes of the movie 🙂

Q: What’s your favorite vampire film/tv show or adult film, not including yours 😉 ?
A: I absolutely love True Blood I can’t get enough! I can’t wait till the next season starts!

Q: Would you do a vampire-themed film again?
A: I would definitely consider it, I enjoyed working with Boycrush and I think they made the movie what it is, so as long as a good studio was directing it I would be game to turn vamp again!

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