Cockula not available in Europe

UPDATE: Cockula is available in the EU Fleshlight store. Visit the store, and check out the Fleshjack product list.

Since I am in Europe, I have discovered that all the links to the Fleshjack website for users in Europe are redirecting to the Fleshlight EU store, which aside from images of half naked females, does not stock the Cockula. If you are looking for it, I’m going to be getting on Fleshjack’s case about this. Why? Because any Fleshjack is cool, and the vampire-themed Cockula is really enjoyable. UK readers can get Cockula from and get free delivery.

Also, many friends help out, including giving me a place to host the site. Returning the favor, I want to plug a site, so go check out Sorry, shameless plug over.

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