Come To My Brother book review

cometomybrother-coverI’m always excited to see a new gay vampire book unleashed onto readers, but I rarely get the chance to preview a book. Come To My Brother, written by Christopher Zeischegg (who’s better known on screen as Danny Wylde), follows the story of David, a film student and fetish porn actor, who is reunited with Daniel, his childhood best friend (and step-brother who became his high-school boyfriend), after Daniel had suddenly gone missing for many years. Of course Daniel has a secret and he quickly shares it with his former lover. In many ways Come To My Brother doesn’t break the barriers of vampire fiction, however compared to other gay vampire novels the story does take a fresh new approach with interesting consequences.

The book starts off with small alternating chapters telling the story of the two boys and how they came to be brothers then lovers. Even then their whole past is not revealed, including their days in a death-metal band. David longs for the lover he thought would never return, but he is thrown into Daniel’s chaos when the boyfriend invites David into his home and we find him unchanged by the years. Very quickly David is made a vampire and yet angered by Daniel’s absence, David escapes and unaware what he has become unleashes a coming out for vampires on the world. Once David has calmed down it’s already too late, the evidence is there for everyone to see and the battle begins. The story does resolve quickly from there and yet it leaves the door open for a continuation.

Overall the novel is a good start for a first-time writer. With crisp and stirring prose, and a plot moves along quickly, the story never lags and the characters are fleshed out enough to convey the anger, resentment and relief David feels with Daniel’s return. But David also struggles with what is expected of him as a vampire, instead he achieves the mission on his own terms. Come To My Brother is a great read and easily one I recommend picking up; it certainly deserves a spot in the top 20. Grab it in paperback or for Kindle on or in the UK on

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