Dear BelAmi, please make a vampire video

Halloween is still months away, but it’s never too early to be thinking about making something special for the holiday. BelAmi, have you ever thought of making a vampire video for one of your weekly updates? How about casting the Peters twins in the industry’s first twin-vampire film?

See here’s the thing, vampires are all about seduction: the hunt for prey (or a hookup), the flirting and foreplay and finally the raw, powerful and supernatural sex. It’s perfect and a unique spin on a good format, vampire finds a mortal he likes then after some foreplay and maybe even a little sample feeding, snares or hypnotizes the human into going home with him where he gives him a sexual experience unlike any he’s had before, so good in fact the mortal begs in the end to become a vampire too.

Vampires carry an element of fear, they are the ones in control, but the vampire is also very experienced in all matters of coitus. Strong and more sensual they push the limits and have many more years of experience. And vampires are getting more popular than ever, but they’ve been made safe, sexless, far too straight by the Twilight franchise. It’s time to make vampires sexy again, and to really show what proper gay vampires would be like (eg nothing like Twilight).

Now frankly any of your beautiful actors would be perfect for this role, but what has never been done before in a gay vampire film are twin-vampires. I’m not saying they need to start the film as vampires, nor does any model need to be killed on-screen. One reader has suggested that one of the twins is seduced and turned by a vampire, maybe played by Kris Evans, Jean-Daniel Chagall or Kevin Warhol (to name a few of my favorites), then the first twin returns to his brother and turns him before they finish with one last feeding and seducing scene. Or the twins being the scene as vampires, find themselves at one of BelAmi’s signature orgies and they turn an entire room of hot guys. Again, this has never been done before so why not embrace vampires and be the first studio to deliver twin-vampires or a vampire orgy. And if Halloween is not as popular as in America, feel free to make this video anytime. Just think of the buzz you’ll get as the twins tackle another taboo.


Note to readers… the Peters twins have their own site.

2 thoughts on “Dear BelAmi, please make a vampire video

  1. I might add to my vamp compatriot’s entry here, that Belami Online (www, creating a vampire porn video would, along with BUZZ, may well garner many new subscribers to their online porn. This is always key to keeping sites like BelamiOnline flourishing.

    Thanks, Pat

  2. I think not the Belami studio nor Afton Nills are in the perfect position to release a convincing, real hot Gay Vampire Movie:

    Belami features pretty models, and the camera work and editing is in the main okay (except for the titles directed by Lukas R.: who is responsible for the not so felicitous direction and editing in the mediocre ‘Taboo’ and ‘Skin On Sin’ bareback series).

    But the main problem of Belami is the sound department: A great majority of the studio’s releases is regularly spoiled, by bugging, stilted, cheap, overdone, and often asynchronous moaning. Far away fom naturalness and sensitivity.

    Director Afton Nills’ camera work and editing is often weaker than those from the Belami studio. And Mr. Nills has also problems in the sound section: for example the sex in the scenes of ‘Twinklight 2’ is accompanied by synthetical, loud music – similar annoying as the poor and stilted noises from Belami…

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