Eulogy for a Vampire

Details are sketchy, but apparently a film opened last weekend by director Patrick McGuinn and writer André Salas. The longline for the film, “A remote rural monastery is overtaken by a mysterious drifter” and the longer synopsis don’t clarify if this is actually a vampire film. Has anyone seen it? Eulogy for a Vampire

“A remote rural monastery inhabited by the monks of the mysterious Order of
Pathicus is the site of a heinous murder, committed by a young novice, Anthony,
upon another young novice, Florian, when his affections and sexual desires are
not reciprocated. Flash forward twenty-five years – Father Anthony, now the
head priest of the monastery, has maintained the secret of the murder, and the
hiding place of Florian’s corpse. But all is not well: animal eviscerations, strange
sounds in the night, and the presence of a strange “phantom goat” in the dark
corridors forebode an evil presence. Add to this, the handsome young drifter,
Sebastian who is found unconscious near the monastery. His strong sexual
presence unsettles the young novices as well as the other resident priest, Father
Lars. One by one, each of the monks unravel by their own obsession with the
young man. All but Rafael, who resists the temptations set before him, and
escapes the crumbling monastery by the film’s end. Rafael discovers that
Sebastian is possessed by the evil spirit of Florian, in order to avenge Florian’s
death at the hands of Anthony over two decades ago.”

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