Fangs versus fur

A newspaper article I noticed the other day was fueling the debate between vampires and werewolves, thanks to the release of the second Twilight movie, New Moon. Now as this is a site devoted to vampires I have a clear bias. Sure the shirtless werewolves were hot, but doing it doggy-style doesn’t do it for me. Actually these werewolves are human who become wolves, basically shape shifters, rather than humanoid-wolves (aka the wolf man).

Vampires are very much like gay men (and metrosexuals), good looking, effeminate and sophisticated, exactly the type of guy I’d prefer. Of course unlike the fangless (or as I see it, neutered) vampires of Twilight, I envision vampires to be tougher, more dangerous who can kill just as easily as werewolves, and thankfully less hairy.

Is this a debate about twinks versus bears? No. Many of the gay vampires reflected in film and books are immortal, young but not barely-legal dangerous men, and while many may be effeminate, they are strong, powerful and often beautifully muscular.

Even the werewolves of Twilight lose control. Their emotions overpower them just as the moon might cause the transformation. Anger a werewolf and you’ll be mauled by a dog; anger a vampire and you’ll be bitten.

I could put up a poll at this point, but honestly I assume you are here because you are into vampires, not dogs.

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