Note: this article has been updated (April 2013)

A vampire needs his fangs and there are a few on the market. The two most popular self-fitting styles are Scarecrow and Sexy Bites. Both types come packaged with molding material so you can custom fit your fangs. Once set up the fangs can simply be snapped on or off easily and look good, but for the best fangs a man could get, find a fangsmith. Apparently there’s a Fangsmith Guild with many members mentoring over the years from the masters.


Sabretooth fangs / Custom fangs by Father Sebastiaan
A fangsmith for over 18 years, Father Sebastiaan custom fits you with a pair of fangs based on a selection of styles including classic single fangs (canines), Lilith/Lost Boys style and even triple ‘Interview’ fangs, as well as upper and lower fangs. My own trusty fangs were made years ago by another now retired fangsmith, but a friend recently had his done by the Father and had nothing but good things to say about the process. And I’ve seen the results, they are hot. Your fangs will be moulded to fit your teeth, then sculpted into unique one-of-a-kind fangs based on what will look good in your mouth, making them very natural looking. (Take that as a second-hand recommendation, but one I endorse).

Father Sebastiaan tours the world so you can often find him near you, otherwise you can trek to his shop in NYC or Paris. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT and find out more at Sabretooth Emporium or from Father Sebastiaan’s own site where you can see his event list so you know where he’ll be for a fitting (such as the Anti-Christ parties in London, or for most of October in NYC).


Sexy Bites (Recommended)
Sexy Devil bites
The fang range from Foothills Creations come in three sizes based on the product name. Custom Vampire Fangs are the largest, Sexy Devil Bites are medium sized, and Sexy Bite Fangs are the smallest (most subtle and may be too small for male mouths). These are the personal favorite worn by the vampires at Gay Male Vampire. Find them at


Scarecrow Custom Fangs
The complete Scarecrow collection ranges from subtle fangs to longer canines, silver to blood tipped and even colored. Find them at

PS If you are a fangsmith and want to be included, get in touch.

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