Finally, a update

It has been over a month since the last update, sorry boyfriend drama. The last month, a bit slow for vampire news, and I have been reading away trying to catch up on all the vampire books out there. And if you have been following Afton Nill’s blog then you will have seen several updates since I posted the photo of beautiful Bailey feeding, truly on of the hottest pics Afton has teased up with. If you haven’t seen the updates, or the latest videos (like the totally awesome trailer), then go check if out now.

But the big news is that Twinklight will be released June 30, 2010. Only once before has there been a gay vampire adult film that I have had to wait patiently for, thanks to all the great pre-release news and teasers (and there have been so few vampire adult films featuring gays).

I can really see the time and effort that Afton, his crew, and those hot twinks and stunning vampires have put into Twinklight and I am not only very eager to see the results, but can’t imagine being disappointed. I could be cynical and say that the bar was already set low (between gay vampire films and adult films in general), but that would seem rude. Thirst and Twinkblood have raised the quality of gay vampire adult films, but I suspect we have going to be treated to something entirely new with Twinklight. It was shot in HD! And Afton made a comment that “it is a shame there isn’t a market for Adult Rated BluRays”, but Afton VHS caught on because of porn, release high-quality adult films like Twinklight and I know I’ll finally run out and buy a Bluray player.

Watching the Twinklight trailer I was struck and so bloody happy to see fangs everywhere. These vamps had their fangs out all the way through sex. Finally, gay vampires can have sex as themselves and not be ashamed of their true nature. Oh, and it is incredibly HOT! Never mind the delicious biting, just the image of these guys with their fangs and the possibility that what’s going on out of shoot explains the look of ecstasy across their faces. Then there’s what I’m assuming are clips showing at least one vampire being made. (See two shots above showing one vampire waking up before he bites the twink next to him and the same twink waking up with fangs).

Okay, more to come on Twinklight.

Any other vampire news

The Vampire Diaries wrapped up its’ first season, and hopefully Jeremy will wake up a vampire next season. He’s lost the first two girls he’s liked so maybe it’s time for him to find a boyfriend. I am worried that Tyler and Mayor Lockwood may be something other than vampire. My fingers are crossed that the Lockwoods had vampire blood in them since birth but it’s also possible they are werewolves because there’s been a growing (annoyingly) appearance in werewolf sights on tv and in films lately.

The Lair season four is finally… no one still knows when it will be announced. Please HereTV, I know I’ve criticized the Lair for bad acting and these terrible plot diversions with the werewolf and killer plants, but you left us with a major hot cliff hanger when Sheriff Trouts ex-“roommate” showed up as a vampire hottie. You owe as at least a tv movie to wrap up the story (but focus on the vampires) not just for closure but for the pain caused when Jonathan was killed off. Oh and since you brought back Damien, then you can bring back Jonathan. PLEASE 🙁

True Blood is starting again June 13 with a gay vampire king and his boyfriend, plus a few more gay vampires. Sounds promising, except for the werewolves.

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