Edmund in the Twinklight March update

Finally Edmund returns to Twinklight

Edmund in the Twinklight March update
Finally the leading gay vampire adult film series has returned with an Edmund episode. Overnight (for me at least) a new Twinklight video was released. I haven’t yet viewed it, but I can see that this new episode features Edmund and a new character, victim 6. Whether this is a flashback like the last time we saw Edmund, or in the present while he’s supposed to be with Billa (Skyelr Blue), it’s hard to tell. We haven’t seen our Edmund, the wise and road wary vampire since he chased Brice Carson down an alley. The new video, which appears in the trailer to start with an homage (or spoof) to Interview with a Vampire, but then in true Twinklight fashion the story isn’t just homoerotic, it’s full on gay.

Edmund stands in the shadows was Josh works at his desk. The two of them talk and Edmund smolders with desire. He’s hungry and needs to feed, but it’s not blood that this vampire seeks.

As usual, check out the latest video at Twinklight.tv.

3 thoughts on “Finally Edmund returns to Twinklight

  1. Ok just viewed this one all the way through and have to say this is back on track somewhat. TL makers had forgotten that the hot aspect of gothic vampire porn is boys being TAKEN sexaully and as food for vamps. The feed+sex+end bite is the closest they have gotten to real vamp hotness since the film.

    They can go further though. Give this one 7 out of 10.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Even in the last episode, the bitting happened first, then the sex that followed was fang and biteless. I can see that the filmmakers don’t want to get stuck with a templated format, but what always made Twinklight special was the presence of fangs throughout the sex scenes and the eventual biting as an extra climax. It was better story telling, now the scenes are like all others… introduce the everyday scenario then everyone is suddenly horny and it becomes all about the sex, ending at the climax.

  2. Filming Twinklight scenes is the most time consuming scenes I’ve filmed to date. Fangs are just not always possible during a scene. There’s too much to do during the scene. Cock sucking, kissing, etc. where the teeth are not practical.

    I understand the desire to see things a certain way, but this is porn and while I try very hard to bring innovative scenes to the site, some things we just have to go with for ease of the scene.

    The scenes will improve, and they will get better and better. 🙂

    Afton Nills

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