Free Count Cockula Fleshjack with purchase

Fleshjack is giving away a free Count Cockula Fleshjack this month when you spend over $125… which is a big deal because you can’t actually buy their vampire Fleshjack. Worth $39.95, the Count Cockula was the first sex-in-a-can model from Fleshjack and the only one with FANGS. (I reviewed it when it was released and still enjoy it regularly). Get one before they’re gone!

While reaching $125 to get the Count for free may seem like a lot, this is a good deal since this is like getting 25% off your purchase (of a total purchase of $165). 25% off is apparently the biggest discount Fleshjack gives (except for a few discontinued Fleshjack Boys toys that you can pick up for 40% off). Also this month only you can get all of Brent Corrigan’s Fleshjack products for 25% off (they’ve been running a promotion all year with a featured Fleshjack Boy on sale each month). Of course if you buy two discounted Brent Corrigan toys for only $59.95 each, you will still need to add a tube of lube to make your purchase over $125 (or pick up one Brent Corrigan + one other Fleshjack product worth at least $65). You’ll also get free shipping as the purchase is over $60.

Sadly this deal is only available to US and Canadian customers; EU customers instead get a free glow-in-the-dark dildo, but that’s just not the same!

Grab your own Count Cockula now at


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