A new vampire in the movie Frostbite

Recently I re-watched the film Frostbite, which I had forgotten was a well-made clever film. While it lacks a gay character, it’s a unique take on the vampire genre. Far too many low-budget poorly scripted vampire films get pumped out, often direct-to-video, that’s it’s refreshing to find an inventive and enjoyable movie. And recently I discovered Frostbite hidden away in the iTunes store (not on any of the vampire lists), but sadly only in the UK store. You wouldn’t know from the film’s brief description, but it’s a vampire film and one worth seeing.

Frostbite (Frostbitten) vampire movie poster

Frostbite (aka Frostbitten) is a Swedish vampire film set in Lapland during the deep sun-less winter. Pre-dating Let The Right One In, Frostbite may sound similar to 30 Days of Night, but there are few commonalities. Even though the teaser says ‘damn is a month away’, Frostbite has a quick storyline, once you get passed the beginning. The story opens in 1944 during the Second World War. Several soliders come across a seemingly abandoned cabin, but there they discover something unexpected. Into the present we arrive to find Annika and her 17-year old daughter Saga moving to a Lapland town for Annika’s new job. Saga soon makes friends at high-school and finds herself invited to the party. From there we discover a doctor in Annika’s hospital is more than what he seems and his experiments to upgrade humans is leaked when medical intern Sebastien steals the doctor’s red pills. While Annika learns of the doctor, elsewhere in the winter night, Sebastien has changed, but he’s not the only one.

I definitely recommend Frostbite to any vampire fan. With any luck iTunes will start carrying it in the US.

Where to find Frostbite: the cheapest price) (available for a reasonable price)
iTunes Store UK

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